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Help your child master mathematics with Maths Pathway’s evidence-based approach, used by more than 300,000 students and trusted by over 4,000 parents, tutors and teachers.
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Real learning, all the time

Maths Pathway will help your child extend and deepen their maths knowledge, not just waste time in front of a screen.
The power of learning science
Ten years of research and development
Locally made questions, videos and activities
The only proven maths solution in Australia
All for less than four tutoring sessions per year
"There were gaps in her learning that hadn’t been highlighted before. So by highlighting that it meant that she has to work through those and master those in order to be able to move on, which I think is a fantastic thing."
Maths Pathway Parent
"I've just completed a few modules about a concept that I’ve never fully understood. I have now learnt it in full, which will benefit me for the rest of my life."
Maths Pathway Student


Maths Pathway was created to guide every child through their whole maths journey, from primary school onwards. Your child's unique learning path will fill in their gaps, extend their knowledge, and give them the feeling of joy that comes with success and growth.
Here’s how we combine the latest in education research to create a model underpinned by best practice in 4 easy steps.
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